Quarterly Coal Report (QCR)—First-Quarter 2021

Source: US Energy Information Administration

(Thu, 01 Jul 2021) U.S. coal production during the first quarter of 2021 totaled 140.3 million short tons (MMst), which was 4.5% higher than the previous quarter and 5.9% lower than the first quarter of 2020. First-quarter 2021 U.S. coal exports (20.7 MMst) increased 8.6% from the fourth-quarter 2020 level and increased 3.6% from the first-quarter 2020 level. U.S. coal imports in the first quarter of 2021 totaled 1.1 MMst.
All data for 2019 and previous years are final. All data for 2020 and 2021 are preliminary.